Dear Clients

We have luanch the MAM in ICMarkets brokers, that was great performance in last 4 years, 2400% gain we have got, now we want to share the benefit to all of you so join the MAM you can get same growing up with us. We are proud to annoucment here, we DO not charge any management fee and setup up fee till to the end of this year And we only take 25% performance fee after HWM, that is lower than normal universal rules number 30% that is.

Welcome Onboarding!

Join Flow

open real account  —> Sign LPOA —> upload ID and adress proof then Fund your account.

The Freqency Q&A we list you will find most of anwser

1. What is the steup fee and management fee for MAM

    A: we dont charge managment fee and setup fee, but we will charge 50& per account setup fee in next year.

2. What is the procedure to join the MAM

    A: you shall open the ECN account in broker ICMarkets then sign the LPOA send to us with your ID and address Proof.

3. What is the minimal deposit for MAM

    A: 1,000U.S Dollor or 1,000 EUR or 1,000 AUD

4. What is the different using EA and joing MAM ?

    A: you can relex your time and dont use any VPS cost, you no need pay EA purchase fee. you will get the acceptable profit with minimal  risk management.

5. What is the expecting incoming per month ?

    A: the expect incoing per month is about 3% or above according the 4 years’ history.

6. Can I withdrawal from MAM ?

    A: yes, you can withdrawal in anytime when there is no position in account.

7. What is the risk or Drop down in MAM running history ?

   A: The risk in MAX DD is 40% while the un-expecpte news in GBP in last year.

8. Shall I pay the extenal fee like markup pips ?

A: No, we dont markup any pips on the ECN account.